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Make Smart Decisions

Make better decisions using your data intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms focusing on customer trends and needs.

Untangler platform
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UNTANGLER is a big data analytics platform destined to help companies achieve their data driven goals. It centralizes data into one unique data warehouse of truth, extracts information, correlates and applies artificial intelligence to obtain insights and automate tasks.

It simplifies the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial and Business Intelligence for any business vertical.

Data Driven Culture

Data Driven philosophy in one platform without the need of profiles with hard skills to use it. Data science and engineering for everyone.

Unified Data Source

One un-siloed platform to access all of your data regardless of format, schema, or size.

Easy Data Modeling

Applying Machine Learning and deep learning algorithms to increase organization data maturity in order to create new business outcomes.

Codeless Platform

A full suite of data cleansing and transformation tools are available in no-code format, eliminating the need to write complex expressions or code.


“Unwrap data to break silos, untangle information using AI, unveil insights to produce positive business outcomes.”



UNTANGLER PRIME is the platform’s core, consisting of a smart data warehouse with the capability of connecting to diverse sources of data, applying ETL operations, training and deploying Machine Learning algorithms and modeling data for BI. Tiered in three versions according to computational and storage capacity (standard, advanced and premium), it also has the capability to connect to specific modules in response to the user’s needs


Update, edit, and publish in real-time dashboards

Correlate information

Generate alerts and automate tasks

Export data into a single Data Lake

Integrate operation and business data

Update, edit, and publish in real-time dashboards

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Lisence doctor process chart
Lisence doctor process chart

Internet of things

The Internet of Things module receives data from a wide variety of devices using industry standard protocols. The module offers real-time visualizations for every device, hierarchical role based access, complex rule configurations, action triggering, device query analytics and data export jobs. All gathered data is exported to a data lake in the cloud used as source for continuously training machine learning algorithms dedicated to predict and classify behaviours. Historical data feeds reports that are tied to business metrics.

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Update, edit, and publish in real-time dashboards

Correlate information

Generate alerts and automate tasks

Simple, transparent pricing.

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Hasta 1000 GB
Small Node
(4vCores & 32 GB RAM)
25 Users
Hasta 5 TB
Medium Node
(8vCores & 64 GB RAM)
Unlimited Users
Hasta 10 TB
Large Node (
16vCores + 128 GB RAM)
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