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Oction +

Powerful Platform

One console release all full potentiality of automation. Simplest, intuitive, agnostic & reliable software solution

Oction platform
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Oction+ is an Automation Framework, comprised by a set of DevOps tools, programming techniques, methodologies and DevOps culture aimed to develop and execute automation software. Oction+ Controller is the main app that represents a working environment which allows execution, report views and stats about all the Use Cases.

Jobs KPI

Execution Report



Source of Truth

OctUPus automation environment – Oction+

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Automation Architecture

Oction Framework.png

Utilities and spreads

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Unified dashboard

Full execution control

Visibilitty, logs and notification

Roled based prolife

Codeless interface

Path Execution tracking

Automate workflow

Easy “use case” building

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Modelo de datos.svg

New and Improve data model

Yaml and Json code visibility

Friendly Code editing interface

Job interactive dependency

Uses Cases development through
the correlation of works

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Single point of infraestructure information

Inventory of SW & HW resources

Open Source database Architecture

Full integration via API

Fedele process chart


Service Integrity


Anomaly Prediction

NES Prediction (Net Experience Score)

Churn Prediction

Lisence doctor process chart

Pro-active Support

SAS or On-premise architecture

Collect operational data from any market leader SDN Vendors

Full integration with any Incident Manager

Multitenant Capability

icollect process chart

Automatic detect configuration changes

Call to action in order to mitigate errors

Complete operational activity tracking

Full integration with any Mangement Platform

igory process chart

Single visualization dashboard

Expire alert

Co-Term sugestion

Call to action with Oction Controller

Lisence doctor process chart

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Entropy Controller
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